Stereo Microscopes

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Microtec HM-2B Stereo


The Microtec HM-2 is a stereo microscope with an objective turret that contains two pairs of objectives. The magnification is changed by rotating the turret. There are three turret versions in the HM-2 range a 1x-2x a 1x-3x and a 2x-4x. A selection of stands of either transmitted or reflected light as well as standalone light sources are available as are supplementary eyepieces.

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The Microtec HM-3 stereo microscope has a built-in phototube and a zoom ratio range of 6.4:1. A selection of stands, supplementary front lenses and eyepieces are available, enabling a range of magnifications from 3.5x to 180x to be achieved. Download the brochure





The HM-4 on the HM-3L4N incident & transmitted LED stand, also available for the HM-3 Download the brochure




The Microtec HM-10 stereo microscope has a 10.1 zoom system. The head is a parallel optics type, enabling phototubes to be inserted between the binocular head and the zoom body (as shown above). The zoom unit incorporates a double iris diaphragm, enabling the depth of focus to be adjusted both visually and when recording images. The zoom range is 0.8x to 8x, giving a possible magnification range of 4x to 360x. Download the brochure