The Microscope Company provides a wide range of microscope servicing and repair options from one off site visits to annual or six monthly contracts. Our fully trained engineers have over thirty years experience in the servicing and repair of a wide range of optical microscopy equipment. A typical microscope service schedule would include;


    • Discussing with client any problems or issues with the equipment since last service visit.
    • Inspection of the microscope and inform the client of any problem with the instruments.
    • disassemble the microscope into it’s component parts, perform a visual inspection and repair as required.
    • Clean and re-grease all moving parts and slides as required.
    • Clean all lenses and other optical surfaces (internal and external) as required.
    • Reassemble microscope and check for any problems e.g. centring of prisms, lamps, condenser  etc.
    • Optimise microscope and ensure user is satisfied. 
    • A service tag with date serviced and next due date will be attached to each microscope.
    • A service report will be issued, detailing instruments serviced and highlighting any problems.
    • Any additional work required to be agreed on basis of service report recommendations.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to arrange a site visit or a quotation.