logo_olympusHere are a selection of Olympus microscope systems the MICROSCOPE company can supply. If the exact system you are looking for is not here, please contact us for further information.



BX43/46  Series  The BX43 microscope offers an outstanding range of features, high optical performance and is the ideal platform for digital imaging. This flexible microscope offers various contrast methods and superior optics combined with true-color LED illumination for excellent color rendering. Efficiency is maximized by the ergonomic design, while ease of use is optimized by the light intensity manager, which eliminates manual intensity adjustments for each objective. A wide range of accessories makes it possible to expand the system to cover more techniques, making it adaptable to meet future requirements. Download the full brochure for the BX series


BX41BX53 Series The entire optical path of the BX53 is designed for optimal fluorescence imaging, using UIS2 components that set new standards in precision and clarity. High-quality mirror cube coatings provide excellent transmission and steep cut-offs, while almost all stray light is eliminated from interior surfaces for the best sensitivity and color separation. Other advanced features further facilitate fluorescence microscopy, including a new fly-eye lens system, which delivers homogenous illumination, and automatic magnification and filter cube read-out, which simplifies the repetition of settings. Additionally, the BX53 semi-motorized fluorescence microscope makes highly efficient imaging possible. Automation enables the imaging of large areas in high magnification and also facilitates multicoloor fluorescence. Download the full brochure for the BX series


BX45BX63- Series: . The BX63 is completely motorized and is uniquely focused via the nosepiece rather than stage, enabling the stage to be fixed making it more stable. The motorized stage is also a new feature and is driven by advanced, high-precision, ultrasonic Piezo technology, providing silent, smooth and extremely precise operation. The stage can even be positioned by hand enabling rapid gross sample alignment while highly accurate encoders continuously read-out the X and Y position. The excellent encoding enables the user to set precise coordinates and navigate directly to them at high speed. Download the full brochure for the BX series

cx21CX Series The CX41 biological microscope sets the standard for its class in both basic and system performance. It provides high image clarity in a variety of observation methods, including bright field, phase contrast and fluorescence. This cost-efficient microscope is suitable for routine observation and has an ergonomic design for comfortable long-term use. The renowned UIS2 plan-corrected objectives result in outstanding flat images. Olympus digital camera combined with software packages to allow efficient documentation, analysis and reporting. Download the brochure for the CX31

Olympus_IX1IX series from £5000: The IX51 is designed for many routine and research applications including advanced fluorescence techniques. The slim frame enables easy attachment of multiple accessories for cell culture and imaging applications. Excellent optical performance and mechanical quality have been combined into a microscope system of outstanding value. Download the IX51 brochure.


Olympus_sz40 SZ series  The versatile and cost-efficient SZ51 zoom stereo microscope offers a broad range of functions for observation and documentation of specimen in life science. New ComfortView eyepieces ensure fast, comfortable observation. The world’s first universal LED integrated illumination stand brings all the advantages of LED technology to stereo microscopy. Download the SZ2 brochure


Olympus_szx SZX series : SZX7  compact stereo microscope. The combination of modularity and performance makes the new SZX7 outstanding in its class. Equipped with advanced infinity corrected optics, a zoom ratio of 7:1 and a flexible modular design, the SZX7 provides the optimal image for any specimen with a resolution of up to 600 lines/mm. Rapid and comfortable observation is ensured by the new ComfortView eyepieces. Download the SZX brochure.